Who can learn korean?
  • Literally everyone from 3 years old to 65 years old.
What is included in the price for the lesson?

The price for the lesson consists of:
— payment to the tutor of his work;
— providing a multifunctional platform for learning Chinese;
— providing a unique author’s program for high-quality and comfortable study.

How fast can I speak korean?

It all depends on you and your capabilities, but according to statistics, OnSchool begins to understand speech and speak on simple topics after 8-9 months of training.

How will I know how well I know the language?

We conduct knowledge control every 3 months among all students, also from a certain period of study you will have the opportunity to add communication with native speakers to your classes!

How good are your services?

We select only the best teachers who have studied, lived or trained in China for at least 1 year.
We systematized our program in such a way that the material is repeated with each lesson and new ones are added all the time, like the effect of a snowball that rolls in a circle. Teachers and psychologists were involved in the development of the training program.

Work time

Mon-Fri: 08:00 — 20:00

Sat: 10:00 — 20:00

Sun: 10:00 — 20:00

Do you have any questions?

Call us or write your questions and our managers will be happy to answer you.