Today we will talk about distance learning, touch on the main issues when learning korean online: why do many people choose this particular format, what is the difference between full-time and distance learning, how quickly can I learn korean sitting at a computer, how long does it take if I learn korean from scratch and how to choose a tutor so that you can learn as comfortably and conveniently as possible.

1) In 2021 we can enjoy many of the benefits and inventions of our society: an interactive whiteboard that 2 people can write on. Video communication, which allows you not to lose visual contact between the teacher and the student, add audio and video to the lessons, which is not so convenient in textbooks. Do all sorts of tasks yourself, with minimal time costs. Use apps to memorize characters. Your learning process will not be interrupted by illness or prolonged rest.
In the end, you don’t need to go anywhere, it’s enough to have a modern gadget and a stable Internet connection.
All this together makes it possible to learn languages ​​effectively and in a comfortable environment for you.
2) Almost anyone can learn korean from scratch, it’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is enough for you to make daily efforts that will lead you to good results. In 3 months, you can learn to read pinyin (transcription), count up to a million, master basic phrases up to 100 pieces. and learn about 100 pieces. hieroglyphs.
3) It is best to choose a tutor and a course of study based on your needs, while consulting with a tutor or a manager who selects tutors. There are managers at the OnSchool distance learning school who have themselves attended many lessons of our tutors and know which course and tutor you need to choose. In our team, each tutor went through a difficult selection, according to our statistics, only every 13 tutor got a job in our company, we have different teachers, both with 20 years of experience, and newly minted, young and energetic professionals.

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