Facts about our school

1. On average, a student studying  Korean in the OnSchool online school 2 times a week, for 3-4 months, can pass the initial level of the test well.
2. All our teachers lived or trained in  Korea.
3. We conduct a high-quality selection of teachers, so only every 10th teacher gets a job in our online korean school.
4. We have already trained about 180 students and sent them to China for internships, more than 200 businessmen have completed courses and are now successfully doing business with the korean.
5. To learn how to read pinyin (transcription of korean characters) in Korea from scratch, count up to 1000, be able to say hello, exchange a few words with the korean, ask your name and how old, find out how you are and be able to answer these questions, learn to write 20 characters, learn 5 countries and be able to speak primitive sentences about your family members, you only need to attend 5-6 lessons in the online school OnSchool.
6. In our school, every 3 months we conduct tests (control of the knowledge of our students), and the best students receive a free grant for 3 months of study at our school.

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Сегодня мы поговорим о дистанционном обучении, затронем основные вопросы при изучении китайского языка онлайн: почему многие выбирают именно этот формат, какая разница в очном и дистанционном обучении, как быстро я могу выучить китайский язык сидя за компьютером, сколько надо времени если я буду учить китайский с нуля и как подобрать репетитора, чтобы вам было максимально комфортно и удобно обучаться.

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