Difference «一点» yīdiǎn и 有点» yǒudiǎn

大家好。 ✌Today we will tell you what is the difference between these two designs.
Both constructions have a translation: «a little bit», but they have different grammatical properties and ways of application.

1⃣ ADJECTIVE + «一点» yīdiǎn

This construction is always used when it is necessary to make a comparative emphasis.
For example: “I want to buy a bigger bag” (larger than the one I have in my hands right now). Or: “This book can be bought cheaper” (cheaper than it is now). ❗️一点 is used after adjectives in a sentence

2⃣»有点» yǒudiǎn + ADJECTIVE

This construction is always used when the adjective needs to be given the connotation «a little, a little, a little». But there is no comparison here. Just an adjective meaning «a little». ❗️ «有点儿» is used before an adjective.

In order to consolidate this grammar, we suggest going to the saved ones and doing the exercises。 祝您成功!

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